Ānuenue was able to enter crews in the majority of the distance events leading up to Molokaʻi this year. Overall participation was a step forward compared to 2016 thanks to some new paddlers and the work of the coaches especially Brian Yee.

The menʻs 40s were the most competitive overall and topped off their year with a strong Molokaʻi race celebrating Nappyʻs 60th crossing. (46/101 in 5:50:46).

Other results:

Duke race: Women: 50s second place: Men: 40s 4/7 and 27/28 open for second crew.

Dad Center: 50s: 4/4

Kailua Iron Challenge: 40s: 2/3

E Lau Hoe: Open 41/42

Kona: 65+ men: 3rd place.

Na Wahine O Ke Kai: 54/59 in 7:16:05

Molokaʻi Hoe: Red Bull (4:50:01) with the help of five EDT paddlers edged Shell Vaʻa (4:50:32) by 31 seconds in a very tight race. It was the first time a Hawaiʻi based crew had won the event since Lanikai in 2005. Red Bull led for the majority of the race and survived a near huli close to the finish for the victory. Shell had taken the lead off Hawaii Kai and the Lighthouse but Red Bull regained the lead off Waikiki in a stirring battle. Steered by Nappy, the 40s had a very good race finishing sixth in a competitive division while the second crew finished in 6:29:52 (86/101).


Red Bull celebrates after knocking off perennial winner Shell Vaʻa.

Nappy and the 40s:

Open crew at the finish: How sweet it is!