Distance 2014:

The main highlight of this yearʻs distance season for Ānuenue was Nappy steering an open crew to keep his Molokai streak intact. Finishing 76th out of 102 crews, their time was 6:47:14.

The club did not participate in other events leading up to Molokai because of a variety of conflicts ranging from jobs to injuries. Looking forward to 2015, we certainly expect to enter more races and increase participation.

As far as the Molokai Hoe itself, it was a milestone year for Tahitiʻs winning EDT 1 crew who had three previous consecutive second place finishes. Battling eight-time defending champion Shell Vaʻa, EDT edged out Shell in a thrilling down to the wire finish in a time of 4:51:43 vs Shellʻs 4:51:59. Tahiti claimed the first four places with Lanikai being the first Hawaiian crew across the line in 5:15:05.