Regatta 2013:

6/2/2013: Clement Paiana regatta: Competing once again in the “A” division, Anuenue finished second to Hui Lanikila on the strength of a photo finish first for the 65+ men. The days races marked the start of OHCRAʻs new format with only a quarter mile course, shortened events in some races and a revised scoring system awarding points down to sixth place.

1306 keehi 1 145 copy


65+ women in action

1306 keehi 1 147 copy


65+ men push for the finish

1306 keehi 2 003 copy

Anuenue edges out OCC at the line.

1306 keehi 1 181 copy

Anuenue women off the line.

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6/9/2013: King Kamehameha regatta: Kailua Beach was good for the usual challenges with shorebreak and onshore winds as the club ended up second in the division again collecting points in the daysʻ older adults “prime time” events. Overall the new format sped up the days races and was proving to be an improvement as well as more spectator friendly with 5 turns in the senior events over the quarter mile course.

6/16/2013: Fatherʻs Day regatta:  With ideal conditions, paddlers enjoyed a beautiful day at Nanakuli for the annual Leeward Kai regatta. Anuenue took second once more in the “A” division. the 65+ men battled right to the line with OCC finishing second this time.

1306 Regatta23 110 copy

Firing at the start for the 65+ men.

 1306 Regatta23 119 copy

With paddle upraised, Nappy tries to convince officials that Anuenue was firsgt across the line.

1306 Regatta23 132 copy

An Anuenue tunnel!

1306 Regatta23 161 copy

Thank you Hui Nalu for the use of your koa!

1306 Regatta23 172 copy

6/23/2013: Waimanalo regatta: Rock and roll at Waimanalo Beach but unlike last year, the dayʻs schedule of races was completed. Anuenue edged out the competition in the “A” division with the 65+ men taking third in the best club finish for the day.

1306 Nalo 110 copy

65+ men chase OCC.

7/4/2013: MacFarlane regatta: Waikiki provided lots of surf regatta action with a moderate swell. Anuenue took another second with the 65+ women (3rd), 65+ men (3rd), and 55+ women (3rd) providing major points.

7/14/2013 John D. Kaupiko regatta: In contrast to last year, conditions were as classic at Kaneohoe MCAS as paddlers raced under sunny skies with the stunning backdrop of the Koʻolaus framing the racing scene. The club finished third in the “A” division with the 65+ men topping the point scoring list with a second place.

1307 Kaneohoe 101 copy

Mixed open crew take off.

 7/21/2013: OHCRA Championships: On a sunny day at Keʻehi, the regular regatta season came to an end with the OHCRA Championships. The wind picked up around mid-day so as usual the upwind quarter mile was a challenge. Anuenue finished the day in third place in the “A” division. The 65+ menʻs crew finished the season with a very close win over OCC just as they did in the first regatta to account for the majority of the clubʻs point total. 

1307 untitled 065 copy

The starter boatʻs view plus special hair for the occasion!

1307 untitled 097 copy

65+ women go for it.

1307 untitled 105 copy

65+ men: On the way to a win!