Regatta 2012

6/3/2012 Clement Pa’aina Regatta at Ke’ehi Lagoon:

 Led by a first place in the mixed Novice “B” division, Ānuenue started off the season on a good note by finishing first in the A division with 10 points, topping second place Waimanalo with 6 points. Among the six crews competing, of note were the the men’s 65+ third in their race and the women’s 65+  second in their event.

1206 reagatta1 075

Women’s 65 + push back toward the finish.

1206_reagatta1_096 copy

A new banner! Thanks, Ron!

1206 reagatta1 082

Let’s hear it for the prime time gentlemen!

img 9934

As usual, regatta photos for the club and the event can be found at:

6/10/2012 Kamehameha Day Regatta at Kailua Beach

Ānuenue made it two in a row in the “A” division with a narrow 12-11 win over second place Waimanalo CC. In a long day at the beach punctuated by some early hulis and some late day squalls., the 42-race event finished after 6 PM. Led again by another first place by the Mixed Novice B crew, the club got off to an early lead and held on for the division win. Other crews in the scoring column: Women’s 65+ (2nd), Men 65+ (second), and mixed 40 (fourth).

1206 regatta 2 013

Novice A crew with a 1/4 mile to go.

1206 regatta 2 072

Duck tape man


Off for the open-4 race as the long day at the races gets closer to the finish.

1206 untitled 053 Check out the most recent entry -see what you think!

6/17/2012: Fatherʻs Day Regatta at Nanakuli Beach

It was a mellow intermittently cloudy day at Nanakuli Beach for the annual Fatherʻs Day regatta, and Ānuenue pulled out another one point win in the “A” division to make it three straight over second place Waimanalo CC. Once again the undefeated mixed Novice “B” crew led the way with contributions from the 65+ men (second) and the mixed 40 crew (fourth). In a race marked by two straight DQs the past two weeks, the 65+ women were the victims this time in a controversial decision that knocked them out of third place. This particular regatta has often been a good one for Ānuenue going back a number of years when the club won four straight events (senior master men and women and golden master men and women.) Still it was an enjoyable day for the club and for the first time the regatta ended at a reasonable hour thanks to the conditions and the course. Next week at Waimānalo might be a different story!

1206 untitled 026

Paddles up!

1206 untitled 001

Hard core Novice Aʻs.

1206 untitled 049

65+ take second.

1206 untitled 077

Down to the water for the the two mixed crews. Not even four PM yet!!

6/24/2012 Waimanalo Regatta

1206 waimanalo 053

Mixed Novice B crew in action

Waimanalo Blues: Not a good day as there were DQs and hulis galore at windy Waimanalo. Anuenue ended up in third place in the “A” division as the huli bug struck plus there was a controversial DQ affecting the mixed Novice B crew. Finishing second in their race, the previously undefeated crew was DQed for being across the line too soon at the start. The Hui Lanikila crew went over just at the start, and by rule, a restart should have been called. However race officials decided otherwise with the end result no points for Ānuenue. The 65+ womenʻs race, which has been plagued with DQs in previous races, ended up with only one official finisher as there were two DQs and unfortunately a huli for our ladies right after the first change. With a lot of help from their friends, the “huli sisters” made it to the beach and kept smiling despite their very abbreviated race. With all the delays, the regatta was called with five events still to be run that will have to be made up at the next regular regatta at Kāneʻohe Bay.

1206 waimanalo 036

1206 waimanalo 097

Launching and bringing the canoe up were challenges all day!

Next up: Time out for the annual trip to Waikiki Beach for the MacFarlane races on the 4th!

For more photos, see:

MacFarlane 7/4/2012

Steersmen had a chance to shine in an action-packed race day marked by more than the usual hulis, swampings, and runaways. One race ended with only one canoe surviving and crossing the finish line. Ānuenue and Waimānalo battled it out once more for  “A” division top honors and ended up tied for the lead. The 65+ ladies led the way with a first plcae while the 65+ men, mixed novice “B” and mixed 40s contributed to the clubʻs scoring.


Prime time ladies plus Darren after a winning ride.

img 1960

Nappy in one gives a little steering assist for the 60s.

Kaneohe Kaupiko Regatta 7/15/2012:

Regatta racing returned to Kaneohe Bay for the first time since 1993 thanks to a Hui Nalu connection with the Marine Corps. The day featured sun and squalls with the striking backdrop of the Koolaus. Waimānalo CC edged out Ānuenue for top honors in the “A” division. Scoring for Ānuenue were the mixed Novice B crew (3rd), the 65+ ladies (3rd), and the 65+ men (2nd).

img_1561 copy

1207_kaupiko_181 copy

65+ crew chases first place OCC.

1207_kaupiko_025 copy

Mixed Novice B crew pushes through a squall for third.

OHCRA Championships 7/22/2012:

1207_untitled_107 copy

At the end of another Keehi regatta day, Ānuenue settled for another second place in the “A” division, edged out again by Waimānalo CC.  With the 65+ ladies out of action because of some missing paddlers, the club just couldnʻt come up with enough points to get over the top. Finishing well and qualifying for States were the 65+ men (second) and the mixed Novice B crew (3rd). Despite their scratch, the 65+ wahines made the States, and both prime time crews will have to be ready to go early as their events will be the first two scheduled on 8/4/2012.

States 2012:

Lanikai pulled out the overall win in a squeaker over perennial champ Hawaiian in the big boys division. Looking at the “A” category, Ānuenue ended up in eighth place overall with 28 points on the strength of a third by the 65+ men, a sixth by the 65+ wahine and an eigth by the Mixed Novice “B” crew. Noteworthy was the change for the 65+ crews as they raced in the morning without the usual Keʻehi afternoon wind. Will that schedule continue next year as well?

1208_states 12_023 copy

65s chasing eventual winner Keahou in the foreground.

1208_states 12_025 copy

Back to the beach after a strong third place effort.


Mixed Novice B push for the finish.

Reflecting on this yearʻs regatta season, there were some highs and as always good fun for all. Foremost on the agenda will be continuing plans to have a new or renovated koa available in order to be more competitive next year.