Getting underway at Ke’ehi Lagoon, the first regatta of the season featured  some stunning rainbows late in the afternoon but no medals for any of the club’s crews. Best finishes were turned in by the Novice A crew (fourth) and the 55 Mixed Masters (also fourth). In an exhibition event at the end of the regatta, the club’s 65 + men’s crew was third. Anuenue was fourth in the “A” division for the day.

Mixed 55s return to the beach.

6/13/2010: Led by the Mixed Novice “B” crew (third), Anuenue finished third in the “A” division in the annual Kamehameha Day regatta at Kailua Beach.  The beautiful day included some last minute canoe repairs, lots of good food and laughs as always and the final race of the day starting after 6 PM. Next up with hopes of continued improvement, Nanakuli on Father’s Day!

0906_regatta 2_004 copy

0906_regatta 2_019 copy

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Father’s Day at Nanakuli -6/20/2010:

Anuenue’s day was highlighted by a near gold medal performance by the 55 Mixed crew. Although it turned out they were edged out for first, it was still the best finish for an Anuenue crew to date, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the moment -especially one through six!! (see below).

The mixed novice B crew took a fourth, and the club finished fourth in the “A” division as well when the final tally was recorded. Although not good for any points, a special shout out also to the 65+ men’s crew as they broke through in the exhibition event with a first place, which was a great way to end a beautiful Sunday on Nanakuli Beach.


img_0710 copy

Thanks to a great race by the Mixed Novice B crew, Anuenue was back in the money after the annual trip to Waimanalo with the club finishing third in the “A” division competition. Although the crew was edged out for first by the narrowest of margins, it was the club’s highlight race of the day. Conditions were mellow and beautiful with only a few hulis so the race schedule went well. Other points were picked up by the Men’s Novice A Crew (fourth) and the Men’s 60+ boys (fourth). Not to be forgotten was another good race by the Men’s 65+ crew as they finished second, taking the measure of their beach Outrigger neighbors for the day. MacFarlane time next!

MacFarlane 2010:


To say David Napoleon had a good day as the designated open steersman for Anuenue crews is an understatement. On a roll the whole day, David steered three crews to wins (Novice A, 60 men and Mixed Open) and a second (60 ladies) and a third (Mixed 55). The club ended up with 21 points good for second in the A division. Swamping, runaway canoes, and exciting rides made for another memorable day in the surf.


Hui Nalu Regatta 7/18/2010:

Back to Ke’ehi Lagoon, Anuenue ended up the day in a four way tie for second place. The high point was the Mixed 55 crew in a tight battle for first at the finish with a rainbow overhead! Other points were a fourth place finishes for the 60 men and mixed open crews.

0907_hui nalu regatta 2010_060 copy

0907_hui nalu regatta 2010_058 copy

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Oahu Champs regatta 7/25/2010:

0907_ochra regatta 7-25_006 copy

Yes, folks, you are looking at a gold medal winning crew as the Mixed Novice B crew was first across the line getting the club’s Oahu Championship day of to a good start. With points coming also from the mixed 55s and 60s men, Anuenue finished third in the A division with three and possibly five crews qualifying for the 2010 States at Ke’ehi in two weeks.

0907_ochra regatta 7-25_012 copy

Mixed Novice Bs: How sweet it is! Hey, we won!!! Below: Mixed 55s head for the finish

0907_ochra regatta 7-25_017-1 copy

0907_ochra regatta 7-25_089 copy 2

Novice As in action on one of their downwind legs in Lane 1


0908_2010 states_007 copy

Ke’ehi was at its best as the states best crews got together but unfortunately, for Anuenue, it was a disappointing day. Six crews competed, and when it was all over, the club had fourteen points for a 21st out of 38 clubs in the A division. As always, seedings and lanes came into play but the bottom line was simply tough competition. Still just to be racing in this event is a memorable experience but it needs to be tempered by the idea that the goal has to be higher than just showing up or “thanks for coming”. Looking toward next year (Maui), hopefully that goal can be a driving force for renewed commitment and harder work. On the plus side, the enthusiasm and support by all club members was always good to see, and there were some regatta season highlights to savor.