The first regatta of the year as always was a shakedown cruise for Anuenue crews. Competing in the single A division , the club ended up with seven points and a third place finish. Of note were strong showings by the mixed 40 (second) and open mixed (third -above, pouring it on down the stretch) while the Novice A men picked up a third place finish.

Novice A men return after a strong race.

It was a classic Kailua day for the second regatta of the summer, and paddlers enjoyed a lot of sun and fun on an eroded Kailua beach that provided some good vantage points on the bluffs above the sand. For Anuenue, the high points were a strong third place for the Novice A men and another good showing for the mixed crews who were in the hunt but couldn’t quite crack the top three in the division.

Different ways to warm up for a race!


Father’s Day – Nanakuli Regatta

0806_nanakuli regatta_100 copy

Nanakuli was mellow and beautiful this year. Led by the Novice A studs and the mixed open crew, Anuenue finished third in the A division matching the previous season high of seven points. Undaunted by an early course deviation, the Novice A crew poured it on in the second half of the race to pickup the silver medal in their best finish to date. Ka’ala survived a Kailua ramming in the turn in the 60s men’s race.  Overall it was a enjoyable day on the beach for fathers and everyone else.

0806_nanakuli regatta_014 copy

Novice A push to the line.


0806_waimanalo 09_072 copy

Novice A race – watch out for Lane 2!

Waimanalo 2009: Another regatta -another third place in the “A” division, this time the result of four fourth place finishes by the Novice A & B men, 60s men, and open mixed crews. Nice going, everyone! It was a beautiful but long day at Waimanalo with the last race pushing past the 6 PM mark. Thanks you again to Hui Lanikila for the use of Ka’iholokai as Ka’ala headed for a much needed R & R (Repairs and Renovation).

0806_waimanalo 09_074 copyNovice A crew jumps off to a good start.


0806_waimanalo 09_315 copy

40 Mixed crew starts the return leg

0806_waimanalo 09_326 copy



0806_waimanalo 09_335 copy

Open mixed crew in flight.

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macf 09 1p1000968

These two photos tell it all. First, a first in the “A” division thanks to some top three finishes by the Novice A & B men, the 60s women, 55 men and 60 men. The photo on the left shows the 60s men pulling into the beach after a third place finish for the ages. Surfing in, the crew ended up in the water after a collision with a runaway Lanikai boat. End of story? No, as they still had a chance because of several other flips in other lanes plus a wrong lane course by their closest competitor who struggled mightily to reverse and finish in the right lane. No problem, just a quick righting of the canoe and a furious finish to end up with a well-earned third!

Hui Nalu Regatta at Ke’ehi:

0807_regatta 5 09_042 copy

Sunday the 12th was not a banner day as most of the clubs crews could not get the job done. The Novice A men shown above continued there consistent run toward a States berth with another third place. The three point total was the lowest of the season so that hopefully there will be better things to come at next weekend’s Oahu Championships.

Oahu Championships:

It was last shot time for at least two Anuenue crews trying to rack up some last minute points to qualify for the State champioonships in Hilo. Already in most likely were the Novice A & B men based on a solid regatta record across the board. On the outside looking in were both GM 60s crews, and the GM men came up with their best finish of the season taking third but being very close to winner Outrigger. The 60s women thanks to a DQ got a third place medal so both crews would have to await the lane drawing and see if they would have a lane available.


0807_regatta 6 09_100 copy

GM men give eventual winner Outrigger all they could handle down the stretch. Below left: The “birthday crew” ( note aerodynamic hats) paddle out for their open mixed race. A goodbye wave from a future anuenue paddler!

0807_regatta 6 09_149 copy 0807_regatta 6 09_167 copy

Anuenue regatta season party day: A Sunday of fun and food for all to enjoy at the club site. Thanks, Cody!!

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States 09 in Hilo:

0808_hilo states 09_075 copy

Good job, men!

With four crews competing, Anuenue paddlers took advantage of their opportunities by giving their best efforts to finish the regatta season on a high. Competing against the best, the Novice B men had the best overall placing and a fast time coming in with a middle of the pack finish. The novice A men also raced well but came up short in their attempt to come back with a medal. Both GM crews being alternates had to deal with a far outside lane position but paddled hard. The GM men’s crew featured Nappy stroking for the first time in many years. Overall the club finished in the middle of the “A” division pack. As always, for the older paddlers it was an enjoyable time to talk story and compete against neighbor island friends; for the newer club members, the challenge for next season is to work harder to grab that elusive State championship medal.