The season ended on a down note thanks to problems after Tropical Storm Darby rolled through the islands resulting on the cancellation of the OHCRA Championships. Keʻehi Lagoon was inundated with debris but thanks to a lot of volunteer help from all the clubs, the site was cleaned up in record time. Observers commented that the beach and the waterfront had never looked so good. However officials nevertheless decided to can cel the competition citing possible health concerns which also threatened the State Championships as well. Knowledgeable health professionals were apparently not consulted. Rumors began circulating resulting in three big Oahu clubs led by Outrigger deciding to pull their crews from the States events and some individuals dropped out as well. Ironically bacteria counts at a number of Oahu beaches and sites showed that Waikiki itself had higher counts than Keʻehi Lagoon. Overall it was a sad outcome with concerns about liability and bureaucratic indecision at its worst coming into play.

Nevertheless States came off very well with near full participation by outer island clubs and Oahu with the exception of the so-called big three. Kailua Canoe Club and Coach Hank Leandro did not drop out and they were able to challenge perennial winner Mauiʻs Hawaiian for top honors. Boat holders and others exposed to Keʻehi water had no problems than usual and overall it was a good day for everyone.

Ānuenue had only two crews participation (65 and 60 women) and ended the day in 12th place in the single “A” division.

States 2016 ready to go!

States 2016 ready to go!


Kai Opua future – all smiles!


Tight race as the women go at it!


Senior women in the the firs turn.


A happy Kailua crew! No way we would miss this race!1608_hcra16_133

Kai Opua 4os in the turn


This last photo tells it all: Note three empty lanes -a common site due to the three Oahu clubs that decided not to participate.