Pre regatta events:

Hamilton Island 2007
Airborne at Hammo
Highlights for Anuenue included some solid performances by the always competitive duo of Nappy and Gaylord in relay events with an age group third in both the Kaiwi and Kaua’i Challenge events. Kanaka Ikaika participants and medal winners inluded Reina and Jacque plus Dr. Pete. Nappy and Gaylord went down under to Hamilton with a 55+ crew and were dominant, taking firsts in both 500 and 1000 M sprints , a second in the 16 K and coming close to a new record in the premier 42K race.
Clement Paina Regatta 2007
Led by the prime time GM paddlers, Anuenue paddlers were doing well in “A” division competition through the annual MacFarlane regatta. With five lanes available this year for OHCRA crews in the States regatta, crews will be going all out to qualify in the remaining two regattas.
Novice B Mixed

Novice B Mixed push for the line.


Anona and Anona

Anona and Anona at MacFarlane: Later she was called into action to steer the 55+ Mixed crew. Not only was she an “open” steersperson but also it was the first time she had steered her namesake canoe in competition.

Mixed 55s at the finish line

Mixed 55s at the finish line

Junior women head out for a little surf.

States 2007: On a beautiful Hanalei day, this year’s edition of the State Championships returned to Kaua’i for a memorable day of paddling. To the surprise of many, six-time defending champion, Maui’s Hawaiian Canoe Club , once again prevailed. Anuenue’s five qualifying crews competed in the single A division, and although not finishing high up in the final standings, everyone gave it their best, and the club ending up in a tie for twelfth (out of 28 clubs).


And a good time was had by all!!!

Distance 2007: The highlight was the realization of a goal celebrated by the club and paddlers everywhere: the memorable 50th consecutive crossing by Nappy who was joined by his five sons and three grandsons. For newspaper accounts of this historic crossing, see the link to Nappy’s 50th!

Change Napoleon Style

Change Napoleon Style.

50 Crossings Banner

A banner that says it all!

A new Napoleon

A new Napoleon dresses for the occasion!

The crew

The crew and his Hizzoner.

The club had a number of other highlights including more success in the annual Kona race, a trip to Catalina and another Thanksgiving racing and avoiding some untimely raindrops in Rarotonga at the Vaka Eiva races. Another high was the memorable Post-Molokai fundraiser bash which was a huge success across the board from the standpoint of both a reunion of many old friends as well as a significant amount of money toward a new koa canoe.


Catalina: Nice to have a sponsor -thank you Reyn’s!

Molokai Crossing 2007