Once again the primary representatives of Anuenue were the men’s 40s and the men’s 70s. The 40s crew’s finished ranged from 3rd to 5th in the 6 regattas. The 70s were consistent second place finishers in the first four season regattas and moved up to first over rival Outrigger in the last two races. States on Kauai was affected by a record amount of rain and flooding with some clubs electing not to participate. The 70s crew qualified and decided to race, finishing third in their event.

70s in action at Kaneohe

70s on the way to a first place finish at Kaneohe.

40s crew in the Kaneohe regatta.

4os crew push for the finish at the Kaneohe regatta.

Outrigger racing at Keehi lagoon

70s led the way to the finish at the OHCRA championships


Preparing for Moloka’i, Anuenue’s 40s crew raced in both the Duke race and the Henry Ayau race. The Moloka’i race itself resulted in another Shell Va’a victory while our 40s crew  finished fifth in their division in 6:23:55 and 57th out of 89 crews. After an amazing 61-year record of consecutive crossings, Nappy decided the time had come to sit this race out.


Anuenue's 40s crew at the Moloka'i Hoe finish.

Anuenue’s 40s at the finish of the 2019 Moloka’i Hoe.