Pre-Season Races:

Anuenue’s prime time 70s crew participated in six preseason races beginning with the Stew Kalama race on 3/12/2018. They took first place in each race having a 70s division and placed third in the 65s division in the Kala Kukea event on 4/28/2018.


Entering five crews in the season’s A division races, the top finishers were the men’s 40s and the men’s 70s. There was one first place in the 70s for the Hui Nalu event while the 40s crew was a consistent fourth place finisher. The club was not able to qualify any crew for States.


The 40s crew crew participated in both the Duke and Henry Ayau race.

Moloka’i Hoe results:

40s crew 12th in their division and 79th/98 in a time of 6:25.o7; 70s crew with Nappy at the controls: 91st/98 and fourth in their division at 6:54.47.

Anuenue 40s crew finishing the 2018 Molokai Hoe

Anuenue’s 40s finish the 2018 Molokai Hoe