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Ironman Events:

Beginning with the annual Beachboys event, Anuenue crews participated in the majority of the preseason ironman events. In particular, Nappy’s GM crew was often seen in the red, white, and blue Striker on loan from Keahiakahoe. Naturally other crews were expected to stop paddling and salute when the RW & B passed.

OC1 Season:

This year’s OC1 season saw some big days for Aaron Napoleon including teaming up with Kai Bartlett for a win in the Moloka’i relay (Polaris Rules!). Other notable performances were Nappy’s age group first in the solo Moloka’i race, and Nappy and Gaylord Wilcox teaming up (age group third) for the relay event. Other regulars on the Kanaka Ikaika circuit were Mike Hangai, Robi and Max Solmssen, Norm Bradley, Mike Silva and Pete Caldwell.

Other events:

-Kaua’i OC1 individual and Relay events: Aaron, Nappy and Gaylord carried the colors and did well.

-2002 World Sprints Bora-Bora:


Joining the Hawaii contingent were Nappy, Gaylord, Ash DeLima and Dr. Pete. Among some big Hawaii team wins was a gold medal in the 1000 M event for the 50 and over Hommes crew steered by Nappy.

-Hamilton Cup: Nappy, Anona, Gaylord, and a 45 and over crew enjoyed the hospiality down under and raced in both individual and OC6 events.


Regatta Season:

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Led by the keikis, Anuenue was a solid second in the A division in each of the first four regattas. The freshmen men and GM men were turning in consitently solid performances while the GM women were improving with each race. The annual Macfarlane Fourth of July races produced some more excitement, and the Oahu chanpionships saw five crews qualify for States in Hilo. In a controversial call, the keikis were hit with a DQ spoiling a strong second place finish: yet the trip was a blast for all the young paddlers. For the adults, they got to weather a traditional Hilo deluge but still placed well in GM men and women, and mixed 55 events.


Long Distance Season:

Anuenue’s GM paddlers and men’s open crew warmed up for Molokai in the annual Duke & Dad Center races. Then it was on to Kona where Nappy and company took the first ever 60+ race as well as joining forces for a win in the double hull event

Catalina 2002:


Catalina produced some good times on the island, a second place finish for the GM crew and an encounter with an unidentified creature (see photo)

Molokai 2002:


Two crews represented Anuenue in the 24th Na Wahine race with an open crew coached by Kawika Napoleon plus a combo crew with Anona and some GM paddlers joining forces with friends from Santa Cruz.



Nappy (#45 and counting) in mid-channel on the way to division third.

Behind winner Ra’i from Tahiti, the open crew had a strong fifteenth (5:40:56) in spite of an unexpected flip.